The best 20 of '20

 Another year is in the books now. What a year.  Business wise, it sucked. I might get more into that in another blog post.  At least I look back at my own blogs and remember the good times, adventures and experiences that I've enjoyed in my life.  Photographically speaking I've had a swell time making images. This rotten pandemic has given me some extra time to get out into nature and create some experiences a little closer to home.  I'm lucky to have some of the most beautiful places in the world to explore. Also some of the most remote.  I'm okay with that, since making money isn't the primary reason I practice photography. It really is about the experience, and coming back with a photo I love is just icing on the cake. This year started off exploring Sycamore Canyon in the winter, then chasing Neowise comet, hanging out at the North Rim during the monsoon (the one), looking for fall leaves, exploring the ruins and canyons of Cedar Mesa, and tromping around some

Chasing NEOWISE comet

NEOWISE ONE Nikon Z7 Tamron 70-200 @70mm 8s f2.8 iso10000 DFS                   "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny...but in ourselves." -William Shakespeare With all the attention the comet NEOWISE was getting lately, I was starting to get down-right envious.  The shots I have seen were amazing!   But as it turned out the comet wasn't as easy to view as it seemed on the internet.  And so I began the chase. Early on I thought that it could best be viewed from atop of a local building that I had access to. I got up hours before dawn and shlepped my gear up the six stories. Ready at 4:30 am to catch a glimpse. Except I had no idea where it was. Which way should I point my camera? How long of a shutter speed? Was it there and I just couldn't find it?  I decided to pack it in and go home for more research. I tried the next morning at a local park. I had clear skies, why couldn't I see it?  Alright enough of this sleep deprivation.... I guess it was giving me b

19 from '19 a year in Images

Zoroaster Window Now that the new year is almost upon us, I have been looking back at some of the images I've created the past twelve months. Creatively speaking, this has been a pretty good year for image making for me. I had one of the most memorable epic trips, river rafting the Grand Canyon for my birthday. I revisited and backpacked to some remote hoodoos in Escalante National Monument. I became heavily involved at the Sedona Photography Symposium.  My involvement with the fine folks in Sedona landed me a fun trip to the Valley of Fire in Nevada. It was also the hottest place I had ever been in April, clocking in at 97 in the shade.   I wrote and self-published a book on photographing the Grand Canyon, which received positive reviews, as well as a successful presentation at the Sedona Camera Club. I created some interesting night images, as well as some intimate ones as well. The year started off with a winter trip to the Grand Canyon.  There were some areas that I had