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Chasing NEOWISE comet

NEOWISE ONE Nikon Z7 Tamron 70-200 @70mm 8s f2.8 iso10000 DFS                   "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny...but in ourselves." -William Shakespeare With all the attention the comet NEOWISE was getting lately, I was starting to get down-right envious.  The shots I have seen were amazing!   But as it turned out the comet wasn't as easy to view as it seemed on the internet.  And so I began the chase. Early on I thought that it could best be viewed from atop of a local building that I had access to. I got up hours before dawn and shlepped my gear up the six stories. Ready at 4:30 am to catch a glimpse. Except I had no idea where it was. Which way should I point my camera? How long of a shutter speed? Was it there and I just couldn't find it?  I decided to pack it in and go home for more research. I tried the next morning at a local park. I had clear skies, why couldn't I see it?  Alright enough of this sleep deprivation.... I guess it was giving me b