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The Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

The Blood Wolf Eclipse Composite Blood moon, wolf moon, eclipse, oh my!  I love nightscapes and the buzz all around was the impending Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse that was about to happen.  Sunday January 20 beginning around 8:30 the moon began to be blocked by the earth, and turn the moon to a curious reddish color.   I still think it's amazing that these events can be predicted to the 'n'th degree.  I don't photograph the night sky too much with out some earthly anchor.  My usual image has a foreground and stars, with a little light painting thrown around.  This kind of photography has fascinated me since making images in high school, with film cameras.   This is why I had it in my mind that an ancient Puebloan ruins close to home would make a terrific subject for such an endeavor.  The area has dark night skies, away from any light pollution.  A little light painting and presto! An image to remember.  Except the government ruined my plans.  The place was barricade