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A Guide to Phogographing Grand Canyon National Park eBook

Happy Birthday to Grand Canyon National Park.                         100 years old! I am pleased to announce the debut of my latest project, an eBook on Photographing Grand Canyon National Park, from the South Rim.  This guide will take you from point to point, and lead you to the historical attractions,  while giving you insight into photographing each subject.  The book goes in depth describing the view from each point, the historical significance, and how to to get the best shot. It walks you through the historical Grand Canyon Village, offers tips on shooting the wildlife and, after dark, will advise you on night photography.  Full of stunning imagery and inspiration, it will help you make the most of your time the park and to get the shot you have always dreamed of.  For a limited time I am offering the 71 page eBook as a free .pdf to the first 100 people that respond.  All you have to do is email me at with GCNP  in the subject line and I will