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My Book Review

On November 1st I awoke to an email stating that my book I had submitted had been reviewed by David Hay at Landscape Photography Magazine. It was a really great review, and it felt really good to be recognized by a credible publication. Thanks Landscape Photography Magazine! Here is the review.  Landscape Photography Magazine is subscription only, and only available online and sadly not in print form.

Presentation at Sedona Camera Club

On October 28th I had the chance to present two presentations of my choosing to the Sedona Camera Club.   I chose to do present a how to called Inside Self-Publishing, The Dos and Don'ts and What I did.   It was a 35 minute presentation on how I created my own self published hard copy and eBook on A Guide to Photographing the Grand Canyon National Park from the South Rim.  The other presentation was called Inside Inspiration. It was a 40 minute presentation on the ways and means I get and stay inspired as a landscape and travel photographer. The presentations went really well, the small venue was packed and the audience was engaged.   It also gave me a chance to sell some books!  Awesome.  Thanks Sedona Camera Club! 

Rafting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Earlier this year in January I got the wild idea that Kristi and I should take a once in a lifetime trip rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  I looked at a few rafting companies and found a trip that put in the river on my birthday in September.  I booked the trip through Hatch River Expeditions.  We got to see all the highlights, ride in the front of the raft the whole trip and eat really great food.  Definitely the trip of a lifetime.  And I took some really great images as well. Canyon Reflections Nankoweap Granary Elves Chasm

Sedona Photography Symposium

At the end of August this year I helped the Sedona Photography Symposium get off the ground with it's first annual event.  A year and a half ago at the Moab Photography Symposium I approached the founder Sarah Dolliver and offered to volunteer at the event.   In April she asked me if I would be interested in serving on the board, and to help in the planning and running the event at the Sedona Creative Life center. I offered to help set up chairs, and make coffee.  I did that and much more. It was a great event and I got to meet and hang out with some of my favorite landscape photographers such as Erin Babnik, Kurt Budlinger, Adam Schallau, Suzanne Mathia, Cole Thompson, and David Cobb.  Erin Babnik conversing with Elaine Belvin at J Wine Bistro I took some pretty nice images as well. Secret Slickrock Crescent Moon Barn