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Flagstaff Urban Flea and Artisan Market

For the past few years I've packed up a bunch of my stuff, jammed it into a 76 VW Transporter Camper, set up a canopy and peddled some of my work to unsuspecting buyers. Little did I know this was also a great way to meet people who appreciate photography... and old VWs.  Keep an eye out for me at the City Hall Parking lot, on Saturdays through out the Summer months.

Headlines 2000 my work on display

 Friend and work-out buddy, Sandra Tann, and I have been collaborating...   I am pleased to announce First Friday at Headlines 2000.  I have over a dozen pieces of art adorning the walls and hope to see you there on Friday June 2, 2023 six until 9 pm.  Thanks Sandra!  (P.S. the photos are for sale)...