18 from '18 - My Favorite Images

Rainbow Rim

This has been an exciting year for me, full of adventure and photography.  It was also a life changing one, having retired from a career of 25 years filing insurance paperwork for auto collisions.  I never really saw my 'calling' in that industry, it always felt like a means to an end. I always saw myself as an artist, a writer, or a traveler.  Now that I'm here I can dedicate more of my time to those endeavors.  I don't really have a plan yet, I just closed my eyes and stepped off into the precipice.

Aspen on Ice

If asked what is my all time favorite image I've made, or where was my favorite place was, I'd have to answer "The one I haven't taken or visited yet." That feeling of anticipation and the joy of discovery are the real reasons I love photography, and travel.  There is no feeling like gazing at a beautiful rainbow, or studying the delicate structure of ice, and having the freedom to do so.

Muley Point

Natural Bridges Ruins
Chimney Rock

I started my year of image making in the spring.  I had the fortune of attending the last and final Moab Photography Symposium in Utah.  I met a lot a great people, and am looking forward to continuing to connect and use their inspiration to help motivate me. There is nothing like the fellowship of like minded artists to elevate ones mindset.  Seeing their creative process opens up possibilities that would never have otherwise occurred.  I spent 10 days in and around the area visiting favorite old locations and discovering new ones.

Symbiotic Fern

Less than a month later I set out on another adventure. Kristi's mom had just moved to be near her brother in another one of the coolest places in the country, Port Townsend Washington.  We both drove there, visiting friends along the way. I got to explore the Olympic National Park, and ferry to the San Juan Islands, ride sailboats, and hike to hidden beaches. Thirty days was spent with relatives and rain-forests. 

Hoh Rainforest Creek

Olympic Roddys

Rhododendron Forest
Shi Shi Beach
Fourth Beach

Rialto Seastacks

The rest of the summer was spent finishing a rental cottage I was building. During which time, every weekend was spent camping locally.  After having rented the cottage out, I struck out on my own chasing the storms of Hurricane Rosa and looking for fall colors. The San Francisco Peaks, Grand Canyon, Coal Mine Canyon, then back to the Inner Basin. I even got to throw in a biking trip to the North Rim during peak fall color and the unsettled weather of the 'Remnants of Rosa.' 

Coal Mine Canyon Rainbow
Moody Grand View

I ended the year with dessert. Desert, rather.  The Mohave desert. We spent the Christmas holiday at Joshua Tree just in time for the Government shutdown. More on that later on my travelblog.

Joshua Tree Dawn Monochrome

Joshua Tree Milkyway

White Granite Arch

I sit here writing this, watching huge snowflakes falling.  Gathering snow covers the houses and streets, smoothing all the rough edges, and clinging to the trees.  Looking back at the year in photos really smooths out those rough edges.  Looking back is also bitter-sweet.  Thinking of friends and family lost, then thinking of family and friends gained.  Hold them like snow clinging to the trees.

Frosted Aspen Landscape

Happy New Year!


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